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Software Licensing
Trimble MAPS, Inc. Software (the "Software") includes an activation based software licensing scheme both for base License products and upgrade features. The Software is delivered with a Product Key of 25 digits ("PK")*, which corresponds to the purchased features. This PK coupled with a license number (the "License Number"), created by the Software when it first runs on your Device (the "Device") or platform (the "Platform"), generates an activation code which will unlock your Software for normal use.

There are two ways of activating your Software:
  1. Automated Activation via Internet:  The entire process is automated and completely transparent to you if your Device is connected to the internet when your run your Software for the first time.  You only need to enter your PKC on-screen, when prompted in the Software (the "Activation Screen") and activation will be completed automatically
  2. Manual Activation:  If your Device is not connected to the Internet, the Manual Activation Screen on your device provides you a License Number that you can enter in addition to your PKC at the Trimble MAPS, Inc. activation web site  Activating this way will generate an Activation Number (the "Activation Number") which you can enter into the manual activation screen in your Software to complete activation.
*Product Key Codes are not provided for some platforms supported by Trimble MAPS, Inc. Software. In some instances A Google Order Number or similar mechanism are provided instead.

For more information please visit our Frequently Answered Questions at and

Transferring or Deactivating your Trimble MAPS, Inc. Software License
Once your Software has been activated on your Device, you may not use the Software on another device unless the PKC, Google order number or any similar mechanism has first been deactivated on the Device where you have it initially installed. If you wish to transfer the Software on another Device with the same operating system you may do so by:

  1. deactivating the Software on the initial Device, and
  2. installing the Software and activating on the new Device.
This requires the following steps:
  1. Open your Activation screen and click on the Deactivate button. Confirm that you wish to deactivate the license on the current Device. Note that your Software will no longer run on this device after this step.
  2. A Deactivation Code (the "Deactivation Code") will be displayed. Enter the deactivation code and your PKC into the Trimble MAPS, Inc. Software deactivation web page at . This page will confirm that your PKC is now available for activation on your new device.
  3. Your Software can now be installed on your new hardware using the same PKC.
It is only possible to transfer software between devices with the same operating system, e.g. Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone.
It is not possible to transfer software between devices that have different operating systems (e.g. Android to iPhone).

Anti-Piracy Protection
The Software may include product activation and other technology to prevent unauthorized use and copying. When provided with a Product Key Code, Google order number or any similar mechanism, you will need to activate your Software with the associated method in order to use it. If you try to activate an excessive number of times, the anti Piracy Protection may cause your Software to lock and prevent you from further activating your Software.

If you encounter the following:

Error 1027: If you try to activate too many times within a 7 (seven) day period or activate on multiple devices then our Activation protection may lock out your Software for 7 (seven) days and provide an activation error code 1027. This limit is a security measure designed to prevent software piracy. The restriction should clear within the next 7 (seven) days and allow you to continue to re-activate your Software If you feel this is not the case, please contact Trimble MAPS, Inc. Support providing your CoPilot ID and PKC or Google Order Number.

Error Unable to Activate: If you attempt to activate the software excessively then our Activation Protection may eventually lock out your Software when you reach the maximum number of activations for a given Software. This limit is a security measure designed to prevent software piracy. Please note if you exceed the maximum permitted number of activations then it will be assumed that you have attempted to unlawfully copy or distribute the Software and you will not be able to activate the Software. If you feel this is not the case, please contact Trimble MAPS, Inc. Support providing your CoPilot ID and PKC or Google Order Number.

Trimble MAPS, Inc. Support can be contacted at